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Scrapbooks: Leafing Through Time

When Grandma Westwood was preparing to leave her home and move into Lilac Lodge she gave me her scrapbooks, each one with its beginnings at Westwood Cottage.  What an incredible gift.   The First One The outside is a carefully … Continue reading

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Farm House Table, Or ………….

I have always been an “Old Soul”; attracted to things with history and a story to tell.  Which is why I love this little table, that has been living in a farm yard shop for many years. Each bang, scratch … Continue reading

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The Life of a Maker: A New Sewing Studio!

Growing up I spent a lot of time at Westwood Cottage, and I almost never went home without having done something interesting and creative; making crafts, baking cookies, picking wild flowers and arranging them for my teacher. I can’t remember … Continue reading

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Not Just Any Old Trunk!

There are four trunks in my home.  Each one different with its own compelling journey and story to tell. Their age is showing, but they don’t care; they earned every dint, scratch, bump, bang and paint job and they are … Continue reading

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More Than Just a Gingersnap

Visiting Westwood Cottage always meant a cup of tea and if you were lucky a gingersnap! Not just any gingersnap, they were made using a cookie press. Four inch long rectangles, crisp and perfect for dunking. They were kept in … Continue reading

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Look Around Crissy Doll

Mom recently brought my Crissy Doll to me. Being the mother of sons, it was so much fun to play with her hair and have a fashion show of her 1970’s wardrobe.  Still young at heart!  Maybe I’ll sew her some … Continue reading

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Vintage Mr Clean

My mother recently brought me some things from my childhood.This included this cool Mr. Clean doll.  Rumour has it he had an affair with Barbie. Don’t tell Ken!  

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Royal Copely Pottery

Grandma Westwood had a vase just like this one in Westwood Cottage.  My sister has it in Vancouver. I found this one at the local Nearly New for .50 cents!  So, of course I took it home.  It made my … Continue reading

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