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Growing up I spent a lot of time at my grandparent’s farm, Westwood Cottage. It was a magical place. My sister and I always returned home having made something; cookies, a craft, gathering wild flowers and making a bouquet. And I have continued the tradition. I'm a Home Economist with an interest in living a creative life. I sew, bake, write, and have tried most crafts at least once. Adding to one of my many interesting vintage collections is great fun. My husband is a brilliant painter as you will soon see and he is an amateur actor and playwright. We have one son who is a cartoonist animator and another son who is fast becoming a computer wiz. Living in a prairie town in a 126 year old home gives us a lot of inspiration to explore our passions. Won’t you come join us on the journey?

The Family Dinner

What do you do when you need more freezer space?  I take down The Family Dinner cookbook from the top of the fridge and make some banana bread with the frozen bananas that are taking up precious space.  So yummy! … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Creative: Boho Pillows

“I’ll just rip this out for you.” Grandma Westwood. Grandma was my 4-H leader, and I was learning to sew. There was no getting around it, I was going to sew that seam again! As a 10 year old, I … Continue reading

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Scrapbooks: Leafing Through Time

When Grandma Westwood was preparing to leave her home and move into Lilac Lodge she gave me her scrapbooks, each one with its beginnings at Westwood Cottage.  What an incredible gift.   The First One The outside is a carefully … Continue reading

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Farm House Table, Or ………….

I have always been an “Old Soul”; attracted to things with history and a story to tell.  Which is why I love this little table, that has been living in a farm yard shop for many years. Each bang, scratch … Continue reading

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The Life of a Maker: A New Sewing Studio!

Growing up I spent a lot of time at Westwood Cottage, and I almost never went home without having done something interesting and creative; making crafts, baking cookies, picking wild flowers and arranging them for my teacher. I can’t remember … Continue reading

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Skinned Me a Sofa

Year’s ago, we bought a good quality leather sofa. We had two young son’s and two young cats. We could clean up spills easily and the cat hair didn’t stick to it. Then, our boys became teenagers and the “sofa … Continue reading

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It All Started With a Chain Stitch!

When I was 9 years old, Grandma Westwood taught me how to crochet a chain.  That was the beginning of a lifelong passion for creating and making. I chain stitched an entire ball of yarn: before school, on the school … Continue reading

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Not Just Any Old Trunk!

There are four trunks in my home.  Each one different with its own compelling journey and story to tell. Their age is showing, but they don’t care; they earned every dint, scratch, bump, bang and paint job and they are … Continue reading

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Just Double the Recipe- Bran Muffins

There was always a bran muffin at Westwood Cottage topped with some homemade jelly. Especially Chokecherry! So good. This recipe from the Jean Pare Company’s Coming Muffins and More cookbook, is the perfect recipe. I like to double it and … Continue reading

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More Than Just a Gingersnap

Visiting Westwood Cottage always meant a cup of tea and if you were lucky a gingersnap! Not just any gingersnap, they were made using a cookie press. Four inch long rectangles, crisp and perfect for dunking. They were kept in … Continue reading

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